*** Kindly clear your 2017 annual leave by 31st March 2018 ***
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  I THINK                 I CARE                I DELIVER              
    Teamwork               Integrity              Delight
    Honesty                  Commitment        Excel
    Initiative                 Accountability       Lead
    Nurture                   Respect               Innovate
    Knowledge              Empathy              Value-add

REMINDER: We’ll be processing Phase 1 of leave initialization to finalize 2017 leave brought forward to year 2018 from 20/11/2017 – 22/11/2017. During this period staff will not be able to access the E-leave system. To prevent incorrect leave balance, we seek your assistance in ensuring all pending leave to be approve/cancel by 17/11/2017. For any new leave application, it is advisable to apply from 23/11/2017 onward.